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Family Ties DNA makes it simple to find your loved ones.
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There's a secret to finding family, and it starts with understanding your DNA.

When you’re searching for your family, it can be difficult to know where the truth begins and ends. That’s why Renee created Family Ties DNA – because she knows how important it is that people find their missing pieces of themselves! Our website will help you to find Lost Family Members.

Filled with over 30 years in research combined with her own personal experience, Renee has dedicated herself wholeheartedly towards helping others unravel these mysteries they’ve been after so long without any answers or closure around them at all times.

Our genealogical services are extensively  used by those who cannot afford to pay top dollar for their family history research in USA. who may not have time to devote to the search themselves, or those just wanting someone else’s eyes to do the searching.

Family Ties DNA helps families find truth in their ancestry. we render Professional Genealogy Research Services.

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